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Welcome to FLIGHT LEVEL 320

Our flight simulator center is built in a way that will accommodate every level of pilot training, from entry level all the way to professional pilot, by providing an array of flight simulators. For entry level student, we have Single Engine Cessna 172/182 (Analog and G1000), Piper PA28-161 and high-performance Mooney M20R and Bonanza F33A. For the advanced pilot, we have twin engine G1000 Baron, Cessna 310 and King Air B200 G1000.

Every simulator has a dedicated room for privacy. Each room is equipped with all the necessary tools that a student and/or professional pilot may need, for both flight training and ground training sessions.

Pilots and students will be able to practice all the following:  failures, approaches, weather change, takeoff and landing, cold and dark start-up and advance flights maneuvers.

Each room has a 55-inch touch screen TV for ground training and VFR/IFR chart map (our custom design). Classroom software allows the instructor and/or pilot to experience a complete learning/visual environment, to prepare for flight training session as much as possible.