If you are looking for a unique and fun way to promote group team building or to celebrate a corporate event, Flight Level 320 will be a special place for you. Flight Level 320 flight simulator center is dedicated to your event, and our flight simulator rooms are available for you. We provide several operators and take care of all flight simulator operations.

Flight Simulator is a custom-built, cutting-edge flight simulator system geared toward student pilots, certified pilots, and instructors. A flight simulator system allows for practice of realistic and effective basic/complex flight maneuvers, basic/complex instrument procedures, basic/complex emergency procedures and realistic startup procedures while maintaingin proficiency at the center of it all. Our custom-built flight simulators are designed and fabricated to have the capability for flight training in several types of single-engine and complex aircraft. The flight simulator unit is customly designed to have a realistic flight simulation experience: the main structure is assembled on a raised platform with cutting-edge avionics panels, realistic control systems, and a visual system that consists of 3 43-inch HD TV's. The unit panels, avionics and controls are permanently mounted onto the main panel which eliminates the use of keyboard, mouse or any other pointing devices. This results in the appearance and “feel” of an actual aircraft cockpit. Our top-of-the-line controls board is extremely reliable, accurate and custom-built to work with our custom-designed controller software. The unit's sound system contributes that extra edge with engine and airplane sounds to have a realistic flight simulations environment.

Our units are built and designed for a variety of airplane simulator sessions, from entry level student pilot to advanced certified pilot, and include the following airplane models:  Single Engine Analog, Single Engine G1000, Piper PA28-161, Twin Enging G1000 & King Air B200 G1000