Youth Aviation Camp

The love of aviation starts from a young age. Almost any child, playing outside and hearing an airplane, automatically looks up to the sky and feels a bit of excitement. We are here to transform this excitement into a real-life experience!

Our Youth Aviation Camp program introduces the young student to the basics of aviation and prepares for more extensive procedures. Our flight simulator center provides a variety of flight simulators that help train the young student from basic airplane proceduress to more complex maneuvers.

All of our flight simulation sessions in the youth program are administered by a dedicated flight operator/instructor to ensure that young students receive all the tools, tips and suggestions necessary for proficient and accurate learning.

Every young student (based on their level) has the chance to practice on a Single Engine Analog flight simulator, Single Engine G1000 flight simulator, Piper PA28-161 flight simulator, Twin Engine G1000 flight simulator, and King Air B200 G1000 flight simulator.

In addition to learning basics and concepts of flying, students are also acquainted with aviation-related math and physics, and participate in classes that enhance student responsibility and leadership skills. Students learn and practice to work (and fly) under pressure, take in-flight action, and make quick decisions.

To earn the FL320 Pilot Wings pin, the student is required to pass all classes and flight training, as well as practice taxi, takeoff, climb, flight plans, navigation, failure and approaches.

The feel and reaction experienced by a young child (and sometimes adult), flying our flight simulators, is priceless! We are here for one and all, bringing to life the thrill of flying and growing the love for aviation.

Our Youth Aviation Camp is two weeks long and encompasses all of the following:

-          History of aviation

-          Basics of aviation

-          Aerodynamics and how airplanes fly

-          Basics of ground school

-          Basics of communication and navigation

-          How to read avionic gauges

-          Basic weather planning & navigation planning

-          Create, make and fly a flight plan

-          Exclusive training on our simulators